Trim Units

Trim Units

The architectural Trim Unit system is an easy, cost-effective method of adding details to any building. With an inseparable finish that will never fade or patinate, architectural Trim Units offer the perfect finishing touch to any building. More cost-effective than stone or precast concrete, the units offer limitless design solutions. Exchange a course or two of brick for a course of accent Trim Units for a simple yet dramatic design.

Standard Color Set A

Standard Color Set B

Standard Color Set C

Standard Color Set D


Architectural Trim Units shall be Ceramic Glazed Fire Clay Units as manufactured by the Elgin Butler Company or approved equal, and conforming to the specifications ASTM C-126, Grade S for properties of finish, Type I, sized for 3/8” mortar joints and ASTM C-652, Grade SW for physical properties. Color samples to be selected from manufacturer’s current standard offering.

Available in a variety of sizes (dimensions in inches):

  • Double Bullnose Trim Units: 6S (2-1/4 H x 11-5/8 L) or 6P (3-5/8 H x 11-5/8 L) or 6J (2-5/8 H x 11-5/8 L)
  • Water Table Units: Double King Size 6M (5-5/8 H x 11-5/8 L) or 6D (4-7/8 H x 11-5/8 L) or Column Unit 4W (7-5/8 H x 7-5/8 L)
  • All units have the manufacturer’s standard unglazed setting bed

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