Colors & Textures

From muted neutrals to bold contemporary hues, Elgin Butler offers a beautiful library of colors, textures and finishes. Need a custom glaze instead? Our team of Ceramic Engineers can match virtually any color for endless possibilities.

Samples are for illustrative purposes only, please contact your distributor to order actual chip kits.

Boneyard Brick

Available in: Boneyard Brick

Standard Color Set A

Standard Color Set B

Standard Color Set C

Standard Color Set D

EB Thin Brick

Available in:

Solar Screen

Available in: Solar Screen Tile


Available in: CerraStone


Available in: CerraStone


Available in: CerraStone


Available in: CerraStone

Fire Brick

Available in: Specialty Commercial

Architectural Glazed Thin Brick

Quarry Tile

Available in: Quarry Tile