Glossary of Terms

We’ve provided a list of common industry terms, sorted alphabetically. For questions on anything that is not covered here, please contact us.

Acapulco: A wavy finish rolled on to the extruded dieskin surface resulting in a unique reflective quality

Combed or Scratched: A rough textured finish resulting from running the extruded clay through wires or brushes that scratch or score the clay body surface; typically offered in the 4x4x12 structural tile size

Custom Colors: Colors that are non in the “standard” color offering

Custom Color Development: Colors created by a team of specialist in the lab for “specific” color matching. Minimum requirements or set-up fees apply; contact your representative for more information

Custom Shapes: Glazed Brick or Structural Glazed Tile Shapes that are not featured in the standard shape offering.  Custom shapes will be reviewed by our team of manufacturing specialists to determine possibilities and options

Glossy: High Gloss Finish

Matte: Low Gloss Finish

Mottle: An application of glaze(s) with a stippling effect resulting in a texture

Satin: Medium Gloss Finish

Smooth/Dieskin: An unaltered surface as extruded from the die

Speckles/Frit: Mineral Oxides added to the glaze that form a speckled appearance.  The size and texture of the granules vary

Standard Colors: Colors available in the standard price book offering

Ultra Matte: No Gloss or Stone-like Finish

Unglazed: Natural fired clay with no glaze or coating

Velour/Wire-cut: Extruded from the die with a surface “wire-cut” resulting in a roughened finish

Vertical Punch: Offered in select units, the vertical punch is created at the extrusion process to create two vertical cells to assist with vertical reinforcement